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Including Vinegar in Your Daily Diet

Vinegar started its life as some food that was rich enough in natural sugar and, once allowed to go past its best, passed through two stages of fermentation, first becoming an alcohol and secondly, a vinegar. It is a natural fat-buster and it is also good for your whole system, so finding ways to get a daily measure makes sense.

Here are a couple of ways to get you started:-

* Start your morning by drinking a mix of one tablespoonful each of cider vinegar and honey in a glass of warm water.

* Add a teaspoon of the cider variety to a glass of orange juice, to wake up your system.

* Mix vinegar, olive oil and a pinch of salt into your prepared lettuce or sliced tomatoes, before serving.

* Add some to your fish and chips, or any other fried food that will benefit from its use.

* Add a tablespoonful of the white variety to the water in the saucepan, when you are boiling vegetables and it will add a little flavour.

* When boiling pasta or rice for a savoury dish, a little white vinegar in the water helps reduce starch levels and therefore contributes to sensible eating.

* Diluting a little of the cider or white blend in some warm water is a good remedy for a sore throat. If you prefer, you can add sugar to change the taste or use hot orange instead of water, as the orange masks the taste of the added vinegar.

* Make your own cottage cheese by bringing a pint of fresh milk to boiling point then allowing it to cool for a few minutes, before adding a tablespoon of white vinegar, which will turn the milk into those famous curds and whey. Strain through a fine sieve or a clean fine cloth and the result will be cottage cheese. You can either eat it the way it is or add fresh herbs to enhance the flavour.

* Make a sauce from cupful of balsamic, a tablespoon of both sugar and honey and boil until it reduces to half its original quantity. Add a tablespoonful of olive oil, some squashed garlic and some black pepper and use this to coat meat or vegetables that are ready to be baked in the oven. As long your teaspoon for spreading the mixture on the meat hasnít touched the meat and been placed back in the home-made sauce, you can store whatís left in a jam jar to use at a later date.

* Tenderise meat by pouring some red or white variety onto it and letting the meat stand overnight.

There will be many other ways of getting vinegar into your system, so enjoy experimenting with this elixir of life. After a couple of weeks of getting your daily fix, youíll feel a lot better for it.