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Vinegar in the Kitchen


In the kitchen, vinegar has so many uses over and above flavouring and preserving food. 


As it is an acetic acid, vinegar works well as a cleaner and a disinfectant and here are a few ways which will help you save money on more expensive products:-


Leave a small cup of the liquid standing in your refrigerator to remove any unpleasant smells.  Also, when you do your regular clean of the refrigerator, add a small amount to some warm water and it will both clean and disinfect.


*  If the inside of the microwave is a little grubby, make a mixture of a half a cup of vinegar to two cups of water and let it come to the boil in the microwave.  Let it stand or a while, so that the steam can loosen any build-up of grease, then you will find cleaning a much easier task.


*  Once a month, put a cup of vinegar into your dishwasher and do an empty cycle.  This will keep it smelling sweet.


Sterilise cutting boards with neat vinegar, then wash as normal.


*  Remove grease and other stains from the kitchen tiles by using a soft cloth that has been soaked in vinegar.  Buff the tiles up later with a dry soft cloth and admire their clean look.


*  Clean your sink drains by pouring a cup of this acetic acid down the plughole and leaving it for thirty minutes or so, before flushing it away.


*  For outside drains that are clogged up, make a one-to-one mix of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and pour this into the drain.  The mixture will become frothy and, after a few minutes, you can wash it away to find the drain cleaner and also smelling sweeter.


*  Adding a little vinegar to the final rinse of a load of white washing is said to make the white look brighter and itís also disinfecting your machine at the same time,


*  A little bread soaked in vinegar and placed inside a lunchbox will get rid of any lingering smells from previous sandwiches or salads.


*  By mixing equal parts of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, you have an excellent abrasive liquid for scouring hard-to-clean pans and casserole dishes.


*  If you have cats in the house, youíll know that their curiosity gets the better of them when the smell of food is in the air.  Regularly disinfecting your worktops with a vinegar and water solution will discourage your cats from climbing up there to steal whatever has been left unattended.


*  A small amount of vinegar added to soapy water will remove grease from your cooker top, the walls and anything else that got in the way of the cooking process.


For the points listed above, you will know that you can buy specific cleaners for many of the tasks, each costing an arm and a leg. Why not add up the cost of the specific cleaners that have been replaced by that multipurpose vinegar and the occasional addition of bicarbonate of soda and see just how much better off you are!